Neural Reset Therapy ® (NRT)

Neural Theraphy


Neural Reset Therapy ® is a rapid method to get rid of your muscular pain and tightness.

Flexibility Training

Leg stretching


Flexibility Training is an intermediate method to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and control.

Massage Therapy

Close-up of a client's back being massaged


Massage Therapy is a long-term method to relieve general tension in specific areas of your body.

Improving range of motion in golf with Neural Reset Therapy ®

Improve your golf game with NRT (Neural Reset Therapy ®)
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NRT (Neural Reset Therapy ®) is a new technique for rapid relief of muscle tightness and soreness, that also helps with improving range of motion. PGA pro-golf…

What is NRT? An introduction to Neural Reset Therapy ® with PGA golfer, Bob Mucha

We caught up with professional golfer, Robert Mucha, at the driving range to test NRT for an improved golf swing. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel…

PGA Golfer, Bob Mucha, shares his experience with Neural Reset Therapy ®

Professional golfer, Robert Mucha, talks about how NRT helps him with his golf game. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and learn more about how NRT can help you……